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Christine McCrudden, Owner & Designer

310.463.4334 (between the hours of 9am-4pm pst)


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Christine McCrudden is the owner & designer of Q Handmade. She has been making necklaces for folks all over the world since 2007.

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Q: What is the Christmas Deadline?

A: The Christmas Deadline is Wednesday 12/18 as each piece is custom made by hand. If you have placed your order close to the deadline, we suggest you select priority shipping or faster. Once your handmade piece leaves the workshop, it is at the mercy of the USPS (Q Handmade cannot accept responsibility once the post office has it). Thank you!


Q: What’s the turnaround time?

A: The typical turnaround time for your necklace is 3-7 days, but can take up to 10 days. This timeline does not include shipping. If you are in a hurry, please let us know.


Q: What IS the right chain length?

A: What Q recommends is finding a necklace you like & then simply measure it. The traditional necklace length is 18″. In the picture above, Christine is wearing a 16″ chain layered with an 18″ chain. If your Q Handmade is for a mother of young children, Q highly recommends the 1.5mm chain as it is sturdier.


Q: I ordered the wrong length chain. Can I exchange it?

A: You have two options: you can either exchange your chain by shipping it back to our workshop and include $3 in the package for shipping OR you can order another chain at wholesale ($10). If you need to exchange a chain or get a different size, please contact us and include your shipping address as well as what length chain you would like.


Q: Where do you ship?

A: Q Handmade has shipped all over the world (Canada, Australia, Norway, England & Mexico to name a few). Please contact us at to get pricing for your country. Q Handmade does NOT ship PRIORITY or OVERNIGHT INTERNATIONALLY.



Q: How long will my INTERNATIONAL order take?

A: Q Handmade ships all over the world (USPS First Class). We do NOT ship PRIORITY or OVERNIGHT INTERNATIONALLY. Typically orders to Canada take 6-10 business days (ONCE SHIPPED) and orders to Europe, Australia & other countries can take 6 days to 3 weeks to receive once shipped. Once it leaves the Q workshop (located in California, USA) it’s out of our control.


Q: I ordered a Twist and would like to add a name to my necklace.

A: Congrats! That means another baby was added to your family! Q Handmade is always happy to clean & add another name to your twist style necklace free of charge. Please mail ONLY THE DISC back to our workshop and include $10 for shipping & craftsmanship time as well as instructions for the disc.


Q: How do I care for my necklace?

A: Each necklace is solid sterling or 14k gold. They can be worn as much as you’d like (I don’t take mine off). We have found that different body types (body chemicals) tend to tarnish the necklaces in different ways. You can use a normal polishing cloth for the sterling silver. You may also send the disc back to Q Handmade to get rebuffed. Please include $10 to cover shipping & time as well as your return address.