The Holidays


Each piece is handmade to order. Please get your orders in asap so we can get it carefully made and shipped. This season, the Christmas deadline is 12/15. We will do our best to get all orders shipped by 12/19. Once it leaves the workshop, it is out of our hands and at the mercy of USPS. PLEASE ALLOW FOR PROPER SHIPPING TIME. And thank you for your patience!

​How Do I Place An Order?


Hi there and thanks for choosing Q Handmade to handcraft your piece! Just click on the SHOP tab and select your style and start customizing your jewelry. 




Q Handmade ships all over the world. We ship via USPS and offer priority and priority express shipping in the US and first class or Priority Express shipping outside the US.

Turnaround Time


The typical turnaround time for your piece is 5-7 business days, but can take up to 10 days. If you are in a hurry, please let us know. *This does NOT include shipping time.

Adding a name to your necklace


This must mean you have a new addition to your family! Congrats! Please email us at: qhandmade@gmail.com and include the details: The name to be added, shipping address, etc. You will need to send the disc back to the workshop with $20 and a copy of your email that includes instructions.

Caring for your necklace


Q Handmade necklaces are made with solid sterling silver, 14k gold or 14k gold fill. They can be worn as much as you'd like (I don't take mine off). We recommend that you DO NOT wear your necklace in pools with high chlorine levels as these higher levels can sometimes tarnish your necklace. If you are not wearing your piece, store in your felt-lined jewelry box to avoid the elements tarnishing it. If your necklace does tarnish, you can use a jewelry cleaner or polishing cloth to shine it back up!

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